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Tropic of cancer and small luxury BIRDS RESORTS DONGGUAN in South china! Here, bring together all the flight logs. On the road, enjoy the process and enjoy the flight...... Dongguan Songshan Lake migratory bird resort -- designed for "migratory birds, explorers" customized foothold... The platoon villa, private swimming pools, Dongguan Songshan Lake migratory resort is a "low luxury leisure" concept and the heart of the building of small high-end BIRDS RESORTS DONGGUAN (Small Luxury Hotels of the World), static hidden in the Songshan Lake scenic spots in the embrace of flowers, Songshan Lake and lake line flowers the tourist area of the natural ecological landscape, the first Southeast Bali Island resort style flat villa, extraction of Oriental Zen BIRDS RESORTS DONGGUAN upgrade in essence. The continuation of the unique scenery Songshan Lake Garden, there is Li Ting, moon garden, lotus, wan not Zhai 12 spots.